What We Do

Products on demand

We provide world-class print-on-demand services for our customers. We specialize in ultra high quality personalized products with excellent customer service and high quality craftsmanship. SDI can create, design, produce and ship all from one location. We also assist in development of new products for our customers.

End-to-End authoring and encoding from numerous tape or file formats utilizing state-of-the-art hardware and software. DVD and Blu-Ray menu design, motion and transitional menus, next generation interactivity.

Video on demand
We work with our clients to convert and repurpose libraries of video and print material, and can store and deliver large amounts of data via our high speed internet connection. We provide digital media to Apple, Google Play, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube and many other services.

2D and 3D motion graphics
For use in interactive, film and television. Our in-house design team combines the newest hardware and software with decades of experience in film, video and interface design.

Media archiving and repurposing
Digital archiving and management of images, video, audio or film.

Custom projects and special assignments
We can handle┬áspecial projects. Special presentation gifts for a VIP, a museum exhibit and one-off prototypes are only a few of the special projects we’ve taken on.