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Who We Are

Subatomic Digital Inc was launched in 2006 as a B2B2C media services company in the Burlington,  Vermont region. Throughout our history, we have worked with well-known clients like The New York Times and PBS to bring great content to the public.  

With the New York Times, we started with framed front-page reproductions and moved to puzzles and personalized newspaper books. With PBS, we started with TV series and specials that were reformatted for DVD and BluRay Disc distribution, and have moved to digital streaming services. Simply put, throughout our history Subatomic has built a team that is dedicated to providing best-in-class products. Quality and respect are built into all of our offerings and client interactions. Our growth and customer longevity are testaments to this success. 

The business has evolved over the years. New clients saw the great work that Subatomic was doing and asked us to bring their content to the public. The model is simple: a client works with Subatomic to archive and update writing and image collections, then promotes and sells items on their website. Order and personalization information is passed to Subatomic where it is printed, assembled and fulfilled. The result is seamless delivery of made-to-order items that come quickly and reliably for passing along as gifts or sharing with family and friends. 


Subatomic continues to grow. We are still located in the Burlington, Vermont area, where a dedicated team keeps the presses running and ensures that the production and fulfillment process continues unimpeded. New equipment and systems are added continuously to keep capacity expanding at a high rate and to exceed the ever-increasing requests of our clients. 

three custom printed books by Subatomic Digital
a custom printed newspaper front page puzzle
A puzzle made from an aerial photo of fall foliage with a road winding through the middle of the image

Made to order, personalized gift items, delivered quickly and reliably at all times of the year is what Subatomic Digital is all about. We bring family-friendly, treasured memories to households around the globe. If one of our products is in someone’s home, you can count on it to be a conversation starter. 

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